My name is Daniel Ahikyirize
and am about to share a story of how I dropped out of university and started full time day trading!

Back to where it starts!

Whole story starts from Kasese, a district in the Western side of Uganda!
Born to Christian parents with about 7 siblings! Surely, with such a big family and none of my parents was employed,
it was a such a hard time, too hard to even get food on the table on some days.

Bad days

Went to a private small school in our village, and then went for high school when I was 13! For about 6 years, that was the hardest times but i was growing a little older and I got this urge in me to change the whole situation, I needed to flip things up at home!
Got done with high school when I was about 18, that’s in 2019! Not to forget, in 2017, I had opened up a YouTube account in the name of making money, and later returned back to school!

The Start

By closure of 2019, am done with high school and I have a lot of time on the internet. I was literally spending the whole time looking for online businesses!
I would get Youtube Ads about trading but didn’t take anything seriously as I was entirely focused on content creation, photography and writing! December,2019 I land into a YouTube video of a young trader sharing his story and from that moment I didn’t look back!

Forex Bulls Academy CEO

Failed Business

I tried out literally every online business I ever found out about! I did copywriting, I did freelancing, I did publish eBooks on Amazon, I did social media marketing and I guess that wasn’t my calling. When I found out about trading, I got stuck to it!

Process of Learning

Spent entirely 6 months doing self Learning from YouTube and baby pips, by then I was doing some demo trading and later on I started my real account with only $10! Did make some little money, maybe a buck or 2 and blew the whole account! I did this multiple times and I knew something wasn’t right! 2020, we got the Covid lockdown coming , It was a good time to focus and start more, and surely I knew everything any trader should know. But I wasn’t making money yet! I raised about $150 from my family and got a mentor, a trader based in the USA who would hold zoom classes and yeah it was worth it! A few months later I was getting better and better, what was holding me behind was capital!

The BreakThrough!

My plan was to get some big cash and go trading fulltime, only thing I thought about was tuition. When the schools opened, I was sent to school and our tuition was about $1000, I paid $500 and kept the balance to me! Funded my account with only $250 and kept the balance with me, from then everything is history! I made my first ever $1000 in 2 weeks from funding! And by 6 months I had raised up to 60k in my trading account.

Forex Bulls Academy CEO

The Start of Forex Bulls Academy

From the start I had a dream of helping out people and changing lives through what I do! Even from the first online hustles I ever did, I was trying to always fulfill that dream! When I had started making money consistently, I knew it was the right time to share my knowledge and experiences with the world! Early November 2021, that was the birth of the Academy, I needed to create a place where people with the same goals would come and talk about a common thing! I organized multiple physical classes and some big seminar events.

Forex Bulls Academy CEO

Company Vision

I know the formal education system is losing value each day and it’s still over rated! Spend 15+ years in school studying what you actually don’t need and after that face the real world. Our vision is changing the whole system, providing Top Tier, highly demanded content that is charged thousands of dollars in the formal system! We train you, shape you into that exact trader you wish to be! It’s not only on trading, we entirely focus on success and your personal growth, so we have other great works included in!

The Final Deal!

Since you made it here, let me take you on a path to financial freedom! It all starts here now, don’t remain trapped in the old system

Forex Bulls Academy CEO